On the global as well as the local levels, progressive social movements are struggling for social justice against corporate globalization, sexism, racism, environmental destruction, poverty and war. Above all, they struggle against inequality and exploitation. Mobilizing a rising tide of people of all ages, nationalities and social identities, classes, faiths, the social movements of our time are raising the consciousness of men and women in both the First and Third Worlds. They are finding that the existing social order neither meets their interests nor the kind of society in which they wish to live. Their protest is not only a rejection of what exists but also an expression of faith that another world is possible...

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    The Center for Global Justice is a democratically organized, multicultural research, learning, and service center. Through our work with the social and solidarity economy, our education programs, and our research collaborations, we look for ways to inspire people to work together to create a world more socially and economically just.

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