2014 Moving Beyond Capitalism Conference

Making Another World Happen

July 29 to August 5, 2014 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The Center for Global Justice will host a major international conference on the topic “Moving Beyond Capitalism.” The idea is that many people are developing practices and institutions that point toward a future alternative to actually existing capitalism. We want to bring together both activists and thinkers from the global South and North who are making another world happen. As we look around we can see many efforts that are being made as people respond creatively to the crisis of capitalism. Things like worker owned self-managed cooperatives, public banks, local currencies, community supported agriculture, alternative media, participatory budgeting, 21st century socialism, and more. People are applying principles of localization, solidarity, horizontalism, and participation as they rebuild the commons and empower themselves through economic democracy. These are the experiences and ideas we want to explore in the conference with the hope to spread them more widely.

Among the many presenters we expect to participate we already have confirmations from David Schweickart (his ideas on economic democracy are widely discussed), Gar Alperovitz (author What Then Must We Do?), Gustavo Esteva (de-professionalized Mexican intellectual), and Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese (Occupy activists and members of the Green Party Shadow Cabinet).

If you would like to make a presentation (by giving a paper, workshop, or panel), this Call spells out what we have in mind more fully.

See updated information on the conference here

We are also looking to make the development of the conference participatory. We are looking for volunteers to help us
* find foundation grants to support participation by those with low income.
* spread the word by distributing the Call far and wide.
* find other organizations to partner with the Center in putting on this conference.
* make the proceedings widely available by live streaming the proceedings and producing DVDs of major presentations.
* volunteer during the conference with the million and one tasks needed to make such an event go smoothly.
If you can help in any way, contact our Administrator, Olivia Canales, at admin[at]globaljusticecenter.org