Conferences and Web Publishing

The Center for Global Justice has hosted and helped to organize many international conferences and meetings. The Center believes that face to Stack of Documentsface encounters between activists, educators, and citizens are the only true path to change and empowerment for individuals and social justice movements. The following are links to some of the conferences that we have hosted and/or co-organized during the life of the center. To view papers presented and topics discussed see the web publishing section of this page.

2011- 3rd Encuentro “worker ownership, etc”
June 9-12, in Mexico City

2006 – “Another World is Necessary: Justice, Sustainable Development and Sovereignty”
July 19-26, in San Miguel de Allende

2005 – “Women and Globalization”
July 27 – August 3, in San Miguel de Allende

2004 – “AlterGlobalizations: Another World is Possible”
August 4 – 12, in San Miguel de Allende

2014- Moving Beyond Capitalism: Making Another World Happen
July 29- August 5, in San Miguel de Allende

As a compliment to our international conferences the Center offers a platform for it’s members and affiliates to publish their work on our website. Our purpose is to enable public dialogue and critique and allow for the dissemination of ideas and proposals on how together we might shape our world and our future. Use the following links to search our archives by category.

Index of Papers